Tuesday, November 10, 2009


PUBLICATION: Are Farmers’ Organizations a Good Tool to Improve Small-Scale Farmers’ Welfare?

A new paper by M.E. Bachke uses evidence from Mozambique to analyze welfare impacts of membership in farmers’ organizations.

This paper examines the hypothesis that farmers’ organisations act as a tool to improve the living conditions of farmers in poor countries, both by improving their market situation and enhancing the dissemination of information. In this context, the paper estimates the causal effect on small-scale farmers’ income from being member in a farmers’ organisation in Mozambique.
The paper finds that membership might have a positive effect on income from animal production and that it is contributing to the overall effect on agricultural profits. Nevertheless, for the sales value of plant production the results are somewhat opposite those from animal production.
The paper concludes that:

  • farmers’ organisations are a good tool to enhance small-scale farmers’ welfare
  • for this reason, supporting farmers’ organisations is an efficient policy to reduce poverty among small-scale farmers, and these efforts should be strengthened

Yet, the paper underlines that there are questions that still need to be addressed to give policy makers more detailed policy advice on how to best support of farmers’ organisations, beyond the fact that it is working.

The paper is available here. (.pdf)

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