Tuesday, February 23, 2010


PUBLICATION: Agriculture and Food Security in Africa’s Drylands

Both ENDS has released a report on “Agriculture and Food Security in Africa’s Drylands”.

This paper examines the existing divide between current development policies
related to agriculture and those related to drylands (at the international level,
as well as those of the Dutch government) and the reality of food production in
these, often hostile (physical and economic) environments. It argues that ‘silverbullet’
solutions are unlikely to be successful in such situations and that far more
grassroots involvement is required in selecting, developing and experimenting
with new approaches to solving the food crisis. The central role of women in
food production also needs to be acknowledged and supported if any progress
is to be made towards meeting MDG1. Marrying local knowledge with scientific
knowledge is not an easy task. Neither is it easy to align the interests of local
communities with the priorities and operating procedures of donors and external
agencies. But these challenges have to be faced. This paper points out the
challenges and suggestions are made for potential ways forward.

Download the full paper here.

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