Monday, May 17, 2010


CALL FOR CASE STUDIES: Adaptive Collaborative Management in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

This call invites proposal for case studies to be included in an edited book that seeks to tell the story of how adaptive collaborative approaches have emerged and played out in different contexts of Agriculture and Natural Resource (ANR) management and governance. Six case studies will be selected from different contexts to highlight opportunities and challenges as to how diverse sources of knowledge – formal research, indigenous knowledge, practical sense, tacit knowledge – can be blended (or what constraints they face) to inform effective system of innovation in ANR sectors. The six case studies provide in-depth accounts of how traditional practices of research and development have been subjected to external pressures for adaptive collaborative approaches to management, and how ANR actors have responded to the changing contexts of resource governance. Key questions to be addressed by the case studies are - how did adaptive collaborative approaches have emerged and put into use (marking a shift to ‘research into action’ from ‘research and extension’ approach), what were the challenges along the way, what helped, and what held it back, over time how did this family of approaches mature, and what outstanding challenges remain?

For more information contact Dr Hemant R Ojha (

Deadline for submissions: June 15, 2010.


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