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CALL FOR PAPERS: Mediterranean Research Meeting

The Mediterranean Research Meeting (MRM) is scheduled for April 6-9, 2011, in Florence, Italy. Reaching its Twelfth Session, the MRM aims:

The meeting will include workshops on the following topics:

  1. Social Policy and Religion in the Middle East: Questioning Existing Paradigms
  2. The Many Faces of Islamic Feminism
  3. Informal Challenges to the MENA Formal Politics
  4. Gender and Violence in the Middle East and North Africa
  5. Riots: Protest from the Margins or the Margins of Protest? Reconsidering Riots in Mediterranean Countries
  6. The Intersection of Migration, Entrepreneurship and Gender in the Mediterranean Region
  7. 7. Breakdowns of Democracy Re-visited: Transitions from Liberal-Democratic to Authoritarian Regimes around the Mediterranean Littoral
  8. Institutional reimagination of the Western Balkans
  9. State Economy and State of the Economy in the Mediterranean Area: the contribution of taxation to the development of Europe - Middle East relations
  10. The World Financial and Economic Crisis and its impact on the MENA region
  11. Migration and Dual Citizenship in Northern Africa and the Balkans
  12. Transnational family making: children, young people and migration
  13. Neo-liberal reforms, local elites, and accountability in public service provision in the MENA region
  14. Pre-Modern Attachment to Lands in the Islamic Middle East and North Africa
  15. What is New about “Neo-Liberal” Urbanism? Middle Eastern Cities in Comparative Perspective
  16. Productivity and Innovation in the MENA Region
  17. Politics in the Middle East and North Africa: Toward the Invention of Tradition?
  18. Women’s school–to-work transition in MENA countries

More information.

Deadline: July 15, 2010

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