Saturday, June 26, 2010


PUBLICATION: Sustainable Development in Practice: Lessons Learned from Amazonas (IIED)

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) announces the publication of a new report. This publication, Sustainable Development in Practice: Lessons Learned from Amazonas, can be downloaded along with over 4,000 other resources, from their website.

This book is the result of a short sabbatical at IIED by Virgilio Viana to reflect on previous experiences while exploring options for more forest-friendly forms of development in the Amazon region. It tells the story of the Bolsa Floresta scheme and many other similar schemes, and of improving the mandates of environmental institutions so that they become sustainable development agents. The book closes with a proposal for a National Project for the Amazon, based on experience in Amazonas State. IIED believes that the ideas developed and honed over the last few years are both timely and inspiring – both for Brazil and for countries further afield, as they now search for new ‘green economies’.

Download the full version here.

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