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EMPLOYMENT: Consultancy -- Land Tenure Security & Food Security (ILC)

In April 2010, the ILC secretariat developed a paper entitled Links between Land Tenure Security and Food Security, as a contribution to the Updating of the High Level task Force’s Comprehensive Framework for Action. This document was based on a consultation with members, the outcomes of which were systematised into 12 ‘principles’ linking land tenure security and food security. This provided a valuable analysis of the statements and experiences of ILC members whose work has given them insights in this regard.

The ILC secretariat intends to use this document, and the outcomes of the consultation, as a base for further analysis of evidence from the field on the links between food security and tenure security over land and natural resources. These TORs outline the tasks and outputs of two consultants who will develop this product.

Duties and responsibilities of external consultant (to be identified)

Under the direction of the Programme Manager Global Policy of the ILC secretariat, and with the support of Mr Miggiano, existing consultant in the ILC secretariat, the external consultant will be responsible to:

Outputs will be produced in English. Consultant’s ability to read in Spanish and French is desirable.
The consultant will be supported by the ILC secretariat, who will:


The primary output of this consultancy will be a report of 30-40 pages on Linking land tenure security and food security, which:

The secondary output will be a 3 page policy brief that clearly and succinctly communicates the key policy messages relevant to governments, development partners and civil society organisations.


The final products will be submitted by 15th September 2010.

To Apply

Consultants wishing to be considered for this work should send their CV and a letter of motivation to  l.miggiano[at] indicating their availability over the period August - October 2010.

Deadline: by July 23, 2010

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