Monday, August 30, 2010


PUBLICATION: The Century Ahead: Searching for Sustainability

A new article, just published in a special issue on Sustainable Futures in the journal Sustainability, outlines guidelines for sustainabitiy, introduces a Quality of Development Indicator, and highlights quantitative analysis of four very different futures.

The global future lies before us as a highly uncertain and contested landscape with numerous perils along the way. This study explores possible pathways to sustainability by considering in quantitative detail four contrasting scenarios for the twenty-first century. The analysis reveals vividly the risks of conventional development approaches and the real danger of socio-ecological descent. Nonetheless, the paper underscores that a Great Transition scenario—turning toward a civilization of enhanced human well-being and environmental resilience—remains an option, and identifies a suite of strategic and value changes for getting there. A fundamental shift in the development paradigm is found to be an urgent necessity for assuring a sustainable future and, as well, a hopeful opportunity for creating a world of enriched lives, human amity, and a healthy ecosphere.

The full article is available for download (pdf).

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