Tuesday, September 28, 2010


EMPLOYMENT: PhD Researchers in “Grounding Land Governance”

The African Studies Centre in Leiden has vacancies for 3 PhD researchers in the “Grounding Land Governance” programme. This research programme investigates how land governance evolves in post-conflict situations, as an outcome of the interaction between multiple stakeholders, including government, traditional authorities, NGOs, and local people. Thereby, it looks in particular at how decentralization influences relations of governance, how it impacts the legitimacy and authority of local institutions, and how it affects the resolution of land conflicts. It builds around comparative analysis of case studies from Uganda, Burundi and southern Sudan. A central aim of the project is to foster learning and stimulate exchange on this theme between academics, development organizations, local community institutions, and local governments.

The three vacancies are:

  1. 'Embedding land conflict - Decentralized land governance and conflict transformation in Uganda'
  2. 'Shifting legitimacies - Decentralized land governance and legal pluralism in Burundi'
  3. 'Reconstructing the state - Decentralized land governance and relations of governance in Southern Sudan'

More information (1 MS Word document contains all 3 announcements).

Deadline: October 10, 2010

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