Monday, September 27, 2010


EVENT: IASC 2011 - Sustaining Commons: Sustaining our Future

Registration is now open for the 13th Biennial conference of the International Association for Study of the Commons: IASC 2011 - Sustaining Commons: Sustaining our Future. The event will take place in Hyderabad, India, 10-14 January, 2011.

IASC invites everyone interested in issues relating to the commons to be a part of IASC 2011. With participation from over 85 countries and presentations touching upon myriad dimensions of the commons, the Conference promises to be an insightful and stimulating experience. Adding to the vitality is an interesting array of pre-conference workshops, field visits and other activities to choose from.

Information on all of these is now available on the website, where you can also find the first issue of Common Voices—the IASC 2011 Newsletter, where you can also find an article on Elinor Ostrom, the event’s inaugural speaker. 

Registration at IASC 2011 is required of all attendees. Register early for lower registration fees.

Deadline for early registration: October 15, 2010

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