Thursday, September 16, 2010


Opportunities with UNU-WIDER: Visiting Scholars and PhD Research internships

The UNU-WIDER Visiting Scholars Programme is intended to give qualified scholars an opportunity to undertake research on topics related to development and/or global economic issues, to participate in UNU-WIDER activities, and to contribute to UNU-WIDER publications. It is also designed to aid the dissemination of UNU-WIDER research and to contribute to the UNU-WIDER outreach programme. For some places in the programme, preference will be given to females and to applicants from developing countries. [more information]

The UNU-WIDER PhD Research Internship Programme aims to provide PhD (doctoral degree) students registered at a university and similar research institutions the opportunity to utilise the resources and facilities available at UNU-WIDER for their PhD thesis research, to produce papers suitable for publication in the Research Paper series and elsewhere, and to work jointly with UNU-WIDER researchers in areas of mutual interest. [more information]

Deadline for both: September 30, 2010

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