Wednesday, October 27, 2010


CALL FOR PAPERS & PANEL PROPOSALS: People and the Sea VI - Bridging Science and Policy for Sustainable Coasts and Seas

‘Bridging science and policy’, the central theme of the 6th MARE People and the Sea conference, addresses how science can better connect with policy to support progress towards sustainable coasts. This builds on a long-standing ambition of the MARE conferences to encourage interconnection amongst different sciences, with particular emphasis on social science and trans-disciplinary contributions across the science-policy interface. As is often observed, science frequently remains fragmented and contested, particularly across economic, social and natural science domains. The field of policy is no less problematic. Disciplinary orientations are often reproduced in the sectoral organization of government agencies and their policies. Policy-makers tend to reduce complex problems to simple and seemingly manageable proportions. This often leads to contestations in which scientific activity and knowledge become a weapon legitimizing certain understandings of environmental-societal problems and solutions and discarding others, rather than being a neutral input for an uncontested societal activity.

The 6th MARE conference specifically aims to re-connect the myriad of disciplines which seek to promote sustainable coasts with processes of policy and decision-making. By doing so, we endeavor to provide insight into the different framings of complex problems, and to bridge the common gap between scientific and policy domains. The underlying assumption here is that joined-up science which seeks to engage with the policy process can facilitate progress towards workable and sustainable fisheries and coastal policies that are socially, environmentally and politically workable.

Conference Themes:

  1. Maritime life worlds and culture
  2. Negotiating policies for marine resource use
  3. Coastal shocks, disasters and recovery
  4. Contrasting approaches and tools - Successes and failures in marine and coastal resource management
  5. Fisher wellbeing and sustainable fisheries - challenges and opportunities
  6. Cities, deltas, and challenges of climate change [to be confirmed]

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Deadline: January 15, 2011


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