Tuesday, October 12, 2010


EMPLOYMENT: Water Resources Management Specialist, African Development Bank

The key objective of African Water Facility is to mobilize resources, and finance investment facilitating activities and infrastructure capital investment in the Water sector in Africa. The broad areas of Intervention cover the following: (a) Strengthening water governance by improving the enabling environment and strengthening water resources management at community, national and regional level; (b) Investments to meet water needs through the provision of capital grants for small-scale water infrastructure projects with a focus on innovation leading to increased follow-on investments;(c) Strengthening the financial base by improving the environment for sustainable financing and increased availability and access to financing in the water sector; (d) Improving water knowledge by establishing or strengthening systems and mechanisms to ensure the availability of vital data and information for planning, design and management of water sector programmes.

Specific objectives are to: Plan, organize and carry out activities related to projects and programs identification, preparation, appraisal implementation and supervision in the above areas, in all African countries; Undertake studies on issues regarding the water sector development and related areas; Provide advice and technical assistance in Water Resources Management to African Countries Support AMCOW in its efforts of resource mobilization for the AWF; and Ensure coordination and synergy with all other partners and donors in the Water sector in Africa.

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Deadline: October 15, 2010

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