Thursday, October 21, 2010


EVENT: Agknowledge Africa Knowledge Share Fair - Focus on Farmers

The International Land Coalition (ILC) has made their discussions from this week’s Agknowledge Africa Knowledge Share Fare event in Addis Ababa available online. See the message from ILC below and follow the event blog for detailed summaries of the discussions.

Sixteen members and partners of ILC, with additional organisations joining in, are meeting this week at the Addis Share Fair to identify lessons learnt and the way forward in recognizing and formalizing customary land tenure and management systems, as a way of making good land policies work for all land-users, especially those most vulnerable to becoming marginalised from the land and natural resources on which their livelihoods depend. All organisations are involved with initiatives on the ground to develop better and more inclusive methodologies and approaches. We have participants from ILC members and partners in Niger, Tanzania, Benin, Cameroon, Swaziland, Madagascar, Kenya and Philippines, and it is being facilitated by Procasur from Chile.

Through this process, participants are building the elements of a proposal for a knowledge-sharing and lesson learning initiative in 2011 that will enable participants to explore critical issues further, share experiences and good practice, and ultimately improve implementation of pro-poor land policies in the initiatives with which they are involved.

In addition, we are participating in a wide variety of knowledge sharing activities on agricultural-related knowledge in Africa.

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