Tuesday, October 26, 2010


TRAINING: Facilitation: Basics for leading meetings

A 2-day training course in Berlin on November 25-26 teaches the basics for leading meetings.

Target group: Do you also spend a lot of your time in meetings? Then this training could be interesting for you- especially if you are not happy with the results or the atmosphere of your meetings. Many meetings have no clear goals, some people talk a lot, other don’t contribute much and at the end of the day there is still no clear plan how to go forward and follow up on actions. In our Facilitation Training we present principles and methods how to make meetings and workshop productive and fun. We show simple methods that you can introduce in any meeting, as well as the design of processes that can take place over a longer time. We will also demonstrate with examples how facilitation methods can help you as a project leader.

The cost is 200€ for individuals and 350 €+ 19% MwSt for companies.

More information(pdf).


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