Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This Week’s Posts

EMPLOYMENT: FAO Director, Office of Knowledge Exchange, Research and Extension. The Director is the principal adviser to senior management of the Organization regarding research and extension, knowledge management, technical publishing, capacity development, communication for development and education and responsible for quality delivery of the services of the Office. Deadline: December 4, 2010

CALL FOR CONCEPT NOTES: Adapting to Climate Change in Vulnerable Coastal Communities (IDRC). The purpose of this call is to support research that can provide options that will strengthen the ability of coastal communities to prepare for and recover quickly from water-related stresses exacerbated by climate change. Deadline: December 1, 2010

CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation. ESPA's goal is to ensure that, in developing countries, ecosystems are being sustainably managed in a way that contributes to poverty reduction and inclusive/sustainable growth. Deadline: December 8, 2010

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Danida Fellowship Centre/Government of Denmark. The objective of the support is to generate knowledge in order to promote the overall objective of the Danish development assistance to reduce poverty and support sustainable development. Deadline: December 8, 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: Technology, institutions and development. The DIME Workshop of the Max Planck Institute of Economics will be held from February 18-19, 2011, on the topic of Technology, institutions and development: Perspectives from economics, anthropology and geography on agrarian change. Deadline: December 12, 2010

CALL FOR PAPERS: 4th Annual International Conference on Agriculture, Athens, Greece. The Environment and Agriculture Research Unit of the Athens Institute for Education and Research  organizes its 4th Annual International Symposium on Agricultural Research, 18-21 July 2011 in Athens, Greece. Deadline: December 24, 2010

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Agricultural R&D: Investing in Africa’s Future. The ASTI-FARA conference will take place in Accra, Ghana from December 5-7, 2011 on the theme of Agricultural R & D: Investing in Africa’s Future. Deadline: January 15, 2011

CALL FOR NEW MEMBERS: International Land Coalition – Deadline Extended. Every two years, ILC members meet at their Assembly of Members, during which they vote on and approve new members. The next Assembly of Members will take place in Albania in May/June 2011. Deadline: February 14, 2011

PUBLICATION: Institutions and Conflict: Communal Water Management in North-West Namibia. A new Research Working Paper from MICROCON

PUBLICATION: Building Social Capital through Microfinance. A new paper by Feigenberg, Field and Pande.

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