Wednesday, December 01, 2010


NEWS: Ruth Meinzen-Dick Interview on Land Deals of Wealthy Nations

CAPRi coordinator Ruth Meinzen-Dick was recently interviewed for a Public Radio International piece on “Land deals of wealthy nations”. A sample:

WERMAN: The deals though are often not made on equal terms. So I mean it is hard to mention how these leaders justify I mean the point was made. Forking over there own farmers land to a foreign power.

MEINZEN-DICK: It is very true that there is not an even playing field here and that is a major matter of concern. In many cases, the land that is being given over is seen as unused or it is unowned. That means it is under customary tenure, which means that the state officially holds the rights to it and can claim to reallocate those to foreign investors. Now the problem is that very often farmers, pastoral lists or others are using this land. The other big problem that it is it is not just about land it is about water. In many of these cases if you are irrigating big areas of rice for example that maybe depriving other areas of water supplies.

Listen to the interview or read the transcript here.

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