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EMPLOYMENT: Africa Regional Node Coordinator, International Land Coalition

The International Land Coalition (ILC) is a global alliance working to promote access to land for people who are landless or have insecure land rights. The membership of ILC is made up of inter-governmental organisations, and organisations of civil society, including NGOs, social movements, producer organisations and research institutions ( The global secretariat of ILC is based in Rome, and carries the responsibility to provide support to the coalition in the implementation of the strategic plan.

At regional level, ILC is organised into regional platforms. This provides opportunities for national and regional members to strengthen their ownership of the coalition and ensures that the actions of ILC are more relevant to the specific regional contexts.

The regions are coordinated by a node for ILC. A coordinator for the African Regional Node will be based in Rwanda, hosted in Kigali by Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD), one of ILC’s civil society members in Africa.

Terms of Reference

The Coordinator of the ILC Africa node will be accountable to the steering committee for Africa through the host of the node. She/he will work on a daily basis under the direct supervision of the head of the host institution, RISD. The coordinator will liaise with the Rome based secretariat in the operation of his/her duties, and will oversee ILC contracts in the region related to the implementation of the regional plan of work. Interested candidates must have excellent communication skills, networking experience at the international and regional level, involving
complex relationships between countries, donors, NGOs/CSOs, and public. Interested candidates must be able to demonstrate a passion for, and understanding of, land reform including land rights and development issues. The Coordinator of the Africa node will enhance ILC’s role in addressing challenges related to promoting secure access to land for women and men on the continent by performing the following tasks:

  1. Supporting the development and implementation of annual workplans for ILC Africa
  2. Supporting the design of ILC initiatives in the region
  3. Facilitating the functioning of the ILC Africa Steering Committee
  4. Establishing communication systems to transmit information between ILC secretariat, ILC Africa Platform, ILC sub-regional nodes and other members of ILC in a timely manner
  5. Facilitating networking among members, supporting land knowledge generation to foster lesson learning and information sharing, including the database and website
  6. Coordinating and facilitating members relationships to better establish priorities and form common platforms necessary to increase the capacity of members to engage in advocacy, capacity building and research on land issues
  7. Facilitating the engagement of members in local, national, continental and global processes, of the International Land Coalition
  8. Promoting ILC and facilitating entry into membership of ILC an increased diversity of organisations working on land issues in Africa
  9. Increasing the visibility of ILC in the region and establishing strategic alliances with other relevant African organisations
  10. Initiating and supporting ILC fundraising initiatives and donor relationships in the region, especially those supporting the node and its activities
  11. Instituting systems for, and facilitating, monitoring and evaluation of the regionalisation process


The coordinator is expected to meet the following requirements:

The following competencies are required

Terms of contract

A full and attractive package will be offered on a two year contract basis, renewable annually. All aspects relating to the recruitment, contracting and housing of the coordinator will be overseen by Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development, as the current host organisation of the ILC Africa Regional Node. The position is open to candidates from any African country, and women are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application Procedure

Interested candidates should send their Letter of Intent and Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the host of
the ILC Africa Region Node Coordinator at Please include the names
and full latest contact information for three references.

Deadline: January 30, 2011

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