Thursday, January 06, 2011


PUBLICATIONS: New PLAAS Pubs on Land, Rural Development, and Small-Scale Fisheries

CAPRi readers may be interested to read three new publications from the PLAAS website and blog:

  1. PLOTTING A NEW COURSE FOR LAND REFORM AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT by Ruth Hall and Ben Cousins published in Amandla!
  2. THE MANY FACES OF THE INVESTOR RUSH IN SOUTHERN AFRICA: TOWARDS A TYPOLOGY OF COMMERCIAL LAND DEALS by Ruth Hall, a conference presentation for Africa for Sale: Analysing and Theorizing Foreign Land Claims and Acquisitions held in the Netherlands.
  3. WILL FORMAL GOVERNANCE PROCESSES AND A SMALL-SCALE FISHERIES POLICY IMPROVE SMALL-SCALE FISHERS' LIVELIHOODS, SO THEY ARE LESS VULNERABLE? on the PLAAS blog, with research and orginal report (forthcoming chapter) by Moeniba Isaacs and reported for the blog by Rebecca Pointer.

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