Saturday, February 05, 2011


EMPLOYMENT: UNDP Consultant for the Integration of Sustainable Land Management in Guyana’s Secondary School Curriculum

Objective: To integrate sustainable land management into related subjects in the school curriculum, thereby enhancing the capacity of the young population to use methodologies and practices that promote good land management practices.

In the context of growing recognition of land degradation in Guyana the the necessity that the young population develop a greater capacity for long-term land management, It is vital that information should be developed for integration of sustainable land management into the existing Secondary School curriculum, and teachers should have information on sustainable land management to promote land management practices by increasing the knowledge base in both theory and practical examples that will impart life-long skills and knowledge in Schools.

The Consultancy will enhance the information in existing subjects such as biology, agriculture and integrated science among others, by integrating information on Sustainable Land Management and add relevant material to the existing curriculum. The material is intended to the information to the various subjects using theoretical and practical examples, illustrating how sustainable land management can be incorporated in existing subjects. The Deliverables from this onsultancy will be also used in vocational activities also.

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Deadline: February 18, 2011

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