Wednesday, March 23, 2011


CONTEST: The World Bank Water Wikipedia writing contest

The World Bank Water Wikipedia writing contest is an effort by the World Bank to engage with
Universities for its Wikipedia Pilot Project. The competition is open to students currently
enrolled at participating universities worldwide. First place contestants will be offered invitations
for a week-long paid mission trip with The World Bank.

What is the World Bank Wikipedia Pilot Project (WPP)?

The WPP seeks to provide relevant, reliable and up-to-date knowledge on water topics to
professionals and other users in an easily accessible, and interactive format. The WPP consists of
a series of articles posted on Wikipedia providing an overview of the water sector in a particular
country or city. Each note contains systematic information, data, useful external links and much
more. Content is drawn from publicly available sources and has been largely compiled by World
Bank staff so far. The World Bank now asks the broader academic community to participate in
the preparation and maintenance of Wikipedia water notes. The World Bank WPP website:

What is the contest about?

The World Bank Wikipedia writing contest includes three categories in which to compete. Each
contestant will choose ONE of the following three categories to compete in: (i) writing a new
Wikipedia article on a water topic, (ii) preparing a comparative analysis based on existing World
Bank WPP water notes, or (iii) updating current World Bank WPP water notes. A review panel
will evaluate each piece and choose one winner from each of three categories.

What can I win?

The World Bank will award three first-place recipients -one from each category- with invitations
for a week-long paid mission trip with the World Bank. In addition, winners may have an
opportunity to present their work and discuss projects with key World Bank staff.

More information (pdf).

Deadline: May 13, 2011

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