Monday, April 11, 2011


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Multilateral Investment Fund (IADB)

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF for FOMIN in Spanish) of the Inter-American Development Bank will make grants for knowledge transfer from successful MIF projects to new recipients in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The Promoting Knowledge Management through Learning Communities Program finances the transfer of knowledge between an institution that has already successfully completed a MIF project and at least two beneficiary institutions. These beneficiaries will adapt the methodology/model developed in the original MIF project to their own needs, incorporating the relevant lessons learned.

The program is designed to be demand-driven, so proposals must be submitted by the beneficiary institutions requesting the knowledge transfer from the successfully completed MIF project.

Projects to be financed through this Program will work like service contracts - MIF is essentially providing financing to institutions as "consultants" in order for them to transfer their knowledge to others via a service contract.

This Program will contribute to the development of strong MIF partner institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean by leveraging the wealth of knowledge accumulated by MIF executing agency partners in the region. It will support learning communities and clusters of MIF partner executing agencies in sharing knowledge through the financing of up to 20 pilot projects, over a four year period, which are aimed at the replication and scaling up of MIF successes.

Project proposals should therefore support the objectives of the Program by seeking to:

More information.

Deadline: Submissions can be made any time of year, on a “first-come, first served” basis

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