Monday, June 20, 2011


EMPLOYMENT: World Bank Environmental Economist, Climate Change (Vietnam)

The main duties and responsibilities of the Internationally Recruited Sr. Environmental Specialist (Climate Change) are:

  1. Have primary responsibility for the management and technical supervision of all the VNCLIP activities. The candidate would particularly be expected to take a strong leadership role on the low carbon growth component, and also be responsible for reporting to the Bank and donor on progress with VNVLIP implementation.
  2. On adaptation studies, the candidate would manage and supervise work to be done under VNCLIP but would be able to count on technical assistance from other Bank technical experts. Parts of the adaptation work are expected to focus on environmental economics and this specialist would play a lead role in providing analytical expertise and oversight to this work.
  3. Contribute to mainstreaming of climate change into lending and supervision operations of the Bank. The candidate would not however substitute for normal Bank responsibilities of project preparation and supervision.
  4. Participate actively on the Climate Change Development  Policy lending operations being financed as part of the Support Program to Respond to Climate Change (SP-RCC), and in particular the related Technical Assistance activities.
  5. Participate in country policy dialogue on climate change issues.
  6. Maintain effective communication with counterparts from MONRE and line ministries, (and donor community and NGOs as and when required or needed) on both VNCLIP and on climate change issues generally.
  7. Pro-actively seek and promote global expertise and knowledge in the implementation of  VNCLIP and the Climate Change dialog with government.

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Deadline: June 30, 2011

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