Thursday, June 09, 2011


PUBLICATION: Writeshops: A tool for packaging and sharing field-based experiences

CAPRi found the writeshop process extremely valuable in the development of our recently published sourcebook. Now IIRR has released a three-volume publication on various ways to use writeshops to capture experiences and translate them into a form that others can understand.

In recent years, development practitioners and organizations have come to discover and recognize the writeshop as an effective methodology for the documentation and distillation of project learning. A writeshop is a participatory and highly intensive process which involves bringing together authors, editors, artists, and desktop publishing specialists to produce a publication in a relatively short time. Writeshops are characterized by critical reviews and revisions, involving peers and a diverse range of stakeholders and users. Writeshops have been found particularly useful in helping field workers and practitioners document their experiences, making field-based evidence more widely available.

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