Wednesday, June 01, 2011


PUBLICATIONS: Commercial Pressures on Land (ILC)

The International Land Coalition (ILC) has recently released 7 new reports in its ongoing series of publications on commercial pressures on land.

Following the release of the first set of studies at the beginning of 2011, the International Land Coalition (ILC) and partners are pleased to announce the release of 7 new reports, including case studies from Latin America, Asia and Africa. The reports shed light on the implications for small-scale producers and communities of land concentration and large-scale acquisitions of land driven by factors such as rising food consumption, increasing commodity prices, demand for feedstock for agrofuels, carbon-trading mechanisms, and rent seeking and speculation. Along with the new studies are 11 new policy briefs with key findings and recommendations on the broad challenges posed by commercial pressures on land. The global research project brought together over 30 civil society organisations and research institutions to provide a broad set of perspectives and insights on many aspects of commercial pressures on land.

For an overview of the project and to download the studies, please click here.

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