Thursday, July 28, 2011


EVENT: 10th RRI Dialogue on Forests, Governance, and Climate Change

This event on the theme of “Common approaches to dealing with the challenges of food security and climate change in forests and agriculture” is being organized by Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) and Oxfam in collaboration with IS Academy on Land Governance (LANDac), Netherlands, and EcoAgriculture Partners.

RRI and Oxfam are proud to announce that this Dialogue will be held on September 7-8 in The Atlantic Hotel in The Hague, Netherlands. The meeting will identify common approaches to dealing with the interconnected global challenges of responding to the food crisis, forest loss and degradation, the recent rise in global “landgrabbing”, the need to drive additional investment into agriculture, and adaptation to climate change. The meeting will bring more focused attention to the interconnection between forests, agriculture, the rights of producers and affected populations, and the growing global demand for agricultural land and products.  By bringing together the communities of practice that deal with different but interrelated issues, the Dialogue will consider issues such as agriculture as a driver in forest loss and degradation, the role forests play in providing food for the rural poor, as well as the implications of the global effort to meet the challenge of feeding nine billion people by 2050 without destroying the natural resources on which all people, but in particular rural and forest dwellers rely for their livelihoods and food security.

This event is open to the public and free of charge.

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