Thursday, July 28, 2011


PUBLICATION: Climate Change and Food Systems Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa

FAO has published a new book based on the discussions from the Conference on Ecological Agriculture held in Ethiopia in 2008.

The different chapters capitalize on assessments and experiences such as: lessons learned from Asia’s Green Revolution on agricultural communities; trends in African agricultural knowledge, science and technology; trade policy impacts on food production; conditions for success of water interventions for the African rural poor; and climate change implications for agriculture and food systems. Case studies share the practical experiences, lessons and successes from across Africa, demonstrating that it is possible to produce food sufficiently and at the same time, care for the biosphere. The chapters documenting Tigray’s experience in rehabilitating watersheds for local food security show us how social and environmental goods and services go hand in hand.

The chapters on organic agriculture and fair trade in West Africa and Uganda demonstrate that the impacts on food security and trade need not to be negative. The chapters depicting smallholder practices for making compost and maintaining local seed supplies under low-input conditions offer guidance to communities seeking resilience.

Download here.

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