Friday, August 26, 2011


ONLINE RESOURCE: Focus on Africa: Land Tenure and Property Rights

A website developed by World Resources Institute and Landesa is an online educational tool that presents lessons learned on various aspects of land tenure and property rights in Africa.

The Focus on Land in Africa website is aimed at informing and educating develop practitioners, donors, and policymakers in both developing and industrialized countries about the relevance of land rights. It features modules highlighting the land tenure experiences and lessons from six sub-Saharan countries – Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda – which are conveyed through a series of interactive slideshows, maps, timelines, diagrams, and publications. All are designed to educate users and deepen their appreciation for the role that land rights play in shaping livelihoods and development trajectories in Africa. The modules aim to encourage greater consideration of land rights in the design and implementation of development projects and policies, so as to improve their outcomes and ultimate success.

Visit the website as it continues to grow. Your feedback on how the Focus on Land in Africa site can be enhanced is invited.

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