Friday, August 05, 2011


PUBLICATION: Safeguarding Food Security in Volatile Global Markets

A new publication from FAO.

[T]his volume collates the latest thinking on the potential for achieving food security in volatile global markets. Much rests on the concept of "global governance" - building consensus on optimal policy choice and enhancing policy coordination. Global governance has important implications for shaping a more stable market environment; for instilling greater confidence, predictability and assurance in the international arena; for guaranteeing access to food for low-income countries and for better equipping governments to deal with the challenges ahead.

But governance has a role within geographical boundaries. There are a host of initiatives that countries at risk can promote. These are principally directed towards building resilience and lowering vulnerability through investing in productivity for a diversified set of crops supported by incentive frameworks, instilling greater efficiency in domestic food systems and protecting those most at risk through safety nets. Enacting such measures will not only address the root cause of vulnerability, namely poverty, but would constitute a major step towards tackling the problem of hunger and malnutrition that still aicts one billion people in the world today.

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