Friday, September 23, 2011


EMPLOYMENT: CIFOR Director, Forests and Environment Programme

CIFOR is looking for a visionary and dynamic Director of its Forests and Environment Programme.

CIFOR Programmes are line management units and discipline-based resource providers for the the major themes of our research. The primary accountability of programme directors is to ensure the overall scientific quality of research outputs and project proposals. The Forests and Environment Programme (ENV) considers biophysical and ecological aspects related to the conservation, sustainable use and management of forest ecosystems, populations and species. The Forests and Environment Programme encompasses a wide set of scientific disciplines including forestry, forest ecology, landscape ecology, botany, soil science and biogeography. Its role in CIFOR is to provide scientific and human resources so that research in thematic areas can achieve their expected outcomes. We use cutting-edge scientific tools, methods and approaches to ensure the scientific rigour and quality of our research outputs, which include publications, conferences and trainings.

The Director will lead research and ensure that it is optimally integrated with research on livelihoods and governance issues to advance human well-being, environmental conservation, and equity.  The Director will manage a team of scientists in collaboration with the Director of the Consortium Research Programme ‘Forests, Trees and Agroforestry’ to bring together and expand existing research in CIFOR.

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Deadline: October 9, 2011

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