Thursday, September 15, 2011


ONLINE RESOURCE: Climate Change Emissions and Livelihoods at the Forest-Farm Frontier

A set of papers prepared through an ongoing collaboration between the CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security program (CCAFS) and the University of Michigan’s International Forestry Resources and Institutions Program (IFRI) was presented at a recent conference on Climate Change Emissions and Livelihoods at the Forest-Farm Frontier.

The conference, coordinated by CCAFS partner Arun Agrawal at the University of Michigan, included participants who examined institutional mechanisms that maintain the forest-farm boundary and contain agricultural expansion into forests; showed the importance of tenure arrangements and effective enforcement mechanisms in achieving positive development and climate outcomes; and identified how tropical deforestation can be reduced. Such research is critically necessary to achieving and maintaining sustainable development – it provides key lessons for policy making and decision makers across the political spectrum.

The papers presented and more information about the conference are available here.

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