Thursday, October 20, 2011


FUNDING: Keepers of the Earth Fund

First Peoples Worldwide is dedicated to strengthening Indigenous communities through the restoration of their authority and control over their assets. The programs of First Peoples Worldwide are grounded in the belief that assets are the building blocks of sustainable prosperity. Indigenous Peoples own substantial assets, but frequently lack the authority and control to benefit from them. First Peoples Worldwide partners with Indigenous Peoples to help them establish their assets, advance their decisions about them, and develop the capacities to carry out these decisions.

First Peoples Worldwide offers grants through the Keepers of the Earth Fund:

Our goal through the Keepers of the Earth Fund is to support Indigenous-led projects and to increase access to funding for Indigenous communities and support Indigenous-led projects that create greater Indigenous control of Indigenous assets. We support strategies that address Indigenous development (e.g., land use and conservation, traditional decision-making, climate change, food security, etc.).

All applicants must:

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