Thursday, October 20, 2011


PUBLICATION: Common Voices issue on IASC Meeting in Hyderabad, India

The latest issue of Common Voices compiles some of the important addresses delivered at the the International Association for the Study of the Commons conference in Hyderabad, India, last January.

Apart from a range of papers and posters that showcased the disciplinary diversity that characterises the study of commons, the conference also benefited from keynote addresses from globally renowned experts who engaged their audience with presentations that navigated the subjects of economics, ecology, politics, activism, social sciences, and law. We present to our readers another special issue of Common Voices—covering the welcome address by Mr. Nitin Desai, the inaugural addresses by Professor Elinor Ostrom and Dr. Jairam Ramesh, and the keynote speeches by Mr. Herman Rosa Chávez, Dr. Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Mr. David Bollier, Prof. Bina Agarwal, and Mr. Ashish Kothari.

As experts in the field of the commons, their speeches are rich with in-depth knowledge drawn from years of experimentation, experience, research and ideas on securing commons and sustaining our future. We present the complete transcripts of these addresses in their original form, and wish to share the richness of debate, thought and action towards understanding and addressing the commons, with readers who missed the conference. We have also included a landmark order recently passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India mandating that all state governments undertake time bound measures to restore their village common lands.

The issue is available for download here.

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