Monday, November 28, 2011


CALL FOR PAPERS: Conference on the Economics of Ultrapoverty: Causes and Remedies

George Washington University will be hosting the "International conference on the Economics of Ultra-poverty: Causes and Remedies," on March 22 & 23, 2012. Topics of potential interest are: ultra-poverty measurement; chronic poverty; the ultra-poverty process (over the lifecycle); multidimensional poverty; identification, incidence, characteristics; relationship to health and nutrition; relation to disability, discrimination, gender, isolation, social exclusion, conflict; capabilities deprivation; modeling "poverty traps" and their evidence; effects of growth and inflation on the ultra-poor; natural resource dis-entitlements (e.g. "spontaneous privatization"); environmental degradations; food trends; advances in design and evaluation of programs and policies designed to address ultra-poverty; behavioral dimensions - economic psychology and behavior of people living in ultra-poverty; and extreme inequality (viz. the ultra-rich). The deadline for paper submission is January 2, 2012; an earlier "intent to submit" will be appreciated. Travel and expenses will be paid for presenters of selected papers.

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Deadline: January 2, 2012


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