Wednesday, November 30, 2011


EMPLOYMENT: WorldFish Postdoctoral Fellow, Community-based natural resource management (Ghana)

The WorldFish Center seeks a Post doctoral Fellow to design and conduct research on integrated coastal management and fisheries governance in the Western Region of Ghana as part of the USAID funded HεN MPOANO (Our Coast)Initiative. Working with local, national and international partners the Initiative is focused on addressing coastal and fisheries governance issues in Ghana’s Western Region. Following a substantive period of diagnosis and background research, the Initiative is now moving to a stage of community level piloting. The post-doctoral fellow will work in selected coastal communities to design and monitor the implementation of pilots that incorporate concepts of livelihood resilience and ecosystem-based participatory fisheries governance. A particular focus will be research into effective ways of supporting or building local institutions that facilitate participation in governance processes and foster legitimacy in rule-making. The Fellow will also be involved in strengthening the capacity of national researchers in conducting research.

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Deadline: open

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