Wednesday, November 09, 2011


SCHOLARSHIP: PhD Course in Natural Resource Economics, University of Gothenburg

A PhD course in natural resource economics will be offered at the University of Gothenburg from 19th January - 21st February, 2012. The University offers full scholarship to 8 candidates, which includes travel, accommodation and subsistence grant. You are welcome to apply by using the application form posted on the website below.

This course is intended to give an overview of natural resource economics with particular emphasis on resources that are important in a developing country context. It is an advanced graduate course. Students in Gothenburg will normally have taken courses in micro, welfare economics, public economics and environmental valuation. Students from outside should have as much as possible of the corresponding courses, particularly micro and suitable mathematics. The course will explain how natural resources would be used in an “optimal” allocation over time and space and how they tend to be allocated in real economies with different types of ownership patters, market or state planning. Although depletable resources will be included, the main focus will be on potentially renewable resources such as fisheries, forests and water. Compared to previous years the course will have a greater focus on spatial aspects as well as on climate economics.

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Deadline: November 30, 2011

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