Thursday, January 12, 2012


PUBLICATIONS: UNEP’s Ecosystem Services Economics Working Papers

UNEP’s Ecosystem Services Economics Working Papers are available online.

The UNEP Ecosystem Management sub-program helps countries use the ecosystem approach to enhance human well-being and adapt to challenges of climate change. We are pleased to provide a forum for disseminating working papers reflecting the broad range of research activities on economics of ecosystem services. Papers in this series are not formal publications of UNEP. They are circulated to encourage thought and discussion and make results of some ecosystem services economics related research available to other economists, scientists and policy makers working in this area.

The working papers are available for download here. A list of titles is below.

List of Working Papers:

  1. Revisiting the Relationship between Equity and Efficiency in Payments for Environmental Services
  2. Making Payments for Ecosystem Services Work
  3. Valuing Ecosystem Services: Benefits, Values, Space and Time
  4. Managing Trade-offs in Ecosystem Services
  5. The “Ecosystem Service Framework”: A Critical Assessment
  6. Evaluating the Economic Impacts of Water Harvesting in Burkina Faso
  7. Accounting for Regulating Services
  8. Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Coastal Ecosystems: Asian and European Perspectives
  9. European Forests and Carbon Sequestration Services: AnEconomic Assessment of Climate Change Impacts
  10. Institution and Ecosystem Functions: The Case of Keti Bunder, Pakistan
  11. Towards a Unified Scheme for Environmental and Social Protection: Learning from Payments for Environmental Services and Conditional Cash Transfer Experiences in Developing Countries
  12. Are The Amounts of Payments for Environmental Services Enough to Contribute to Poverty Alleviation Efforts in Developing Countries?
  13. Cost-Benefit Analysis in the Context of Ecosystem Services for Human Well-Being: A Multidisciplinary Critique
  14. Exploring the Potential of Payments for Ecosystem Services for in-situ Agrobiodiversity Conservation
  15. The Precautionary Principle and Global Environmental Change
  16. The provision of international environmental public goods
  17. Paying for International Environmental Public Goods

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