Wednesday, February 08, 2012


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Forest Tenure in the Drylands: The Human Dimensions of Vulnerability in Asia and Africa

Abstracts are invited to make a contribution to an edited volume with the provisional title ‘Forest Tenure in the Drylands: The Human Dimensions of Vulnerability’.

The purpose of this volume is to contribute towards new insights on the conceptual understanding of the human dimension of vulnerability in relation to the dynamics of tenure reforms in the dryland forest of Asia and Africa. The book aims to analyse the interaction between biophysical factors such as climate variability (e.g. droughts) and socio-political processes (e.g. new institutions and authority) at various temporal and spatial scales. The book will be based on empirical research on new forest tenure reform and its consequences for forest-dependent people. In particular, the idea is to highlight the interaction between legal, policy, and institutional reform and the inclusion and/or exclusion of local people from deriving benefits from forest resources in the drylands. Broadly, some of the pertinent research questions will focus on how forest tenure policies impact forest-dependent marginal people (individually and collectively); how do forest-dependent people prepare for and respond to vulnerability; and the effect of forest tenure policy reform on human rights and citizenship issues related to forest resources as well as conflict in forest zones. The human vulnerability dimension research in this context focuses on the high-risks of being exposed to climate variability for the marginalised forest-dependent people, and the degradation of their resource base because of climate disasters and progressive forest enclosure.

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Deadline: March 15, 2012

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