Tuesday, March 06, 2012


CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Survey on “Future-oriented research pathways for food security in East Africa”

Please take a few minutes to participate in a survey prepared by scholars at the University of Hohenheim.

A work group of the University of Hohenheim, spear headed by Prof. F. Asch, has been invited to develop a full proposal under the GlobE initiative of the German Ministry for Research and Education.

The projects aim, defined in the successful first stage proposal 'Future-oriented research pathways for food security in East Africa' is to develop scenarios for the major farming systems under the potential impact of expected climate and socio-economic change towards 2050. These scenarios are to serve for the identification of key research needs that must to be addressed to keep or improve productivity of the different  farming systems under the expected changes.

The scenarios are to be developed largely by informed East African stakeholders in order to reflect well the local appraisal of change. For this purpose we are organising a workshop in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia from 12th to 16th of March. To compare the results with a larger expertise  and geographical base we have prepared an online survey on threats and  chances expected to arise from socio-economic alterations and climate  change in the region.
We would like to invite the ATSAF members to participate in this short  survey. The answers will be valuable to focus agricultural research  towards 2050 and will latter be communicated the respondents.

The survey is accessible at: http://ww2.unipark.de/uc/380c/d48e/

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