Tuesday, March 13, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: 2 Postdoctoral/Research Fellow Positions with IFPRI in India

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks qualified candidates to serve as a Post Doctoral Fellows (PDF) or Research Fellows (RF) for a two (2) year, fixed term, renewable, exempt appointment for its office in New Delhi. These positions are based at IFPRI –New Delhi located in India but would involve travel to any of the countries in which IFPRI carries out its research. The final grade level will be determined by demonstrated experience and track record of publications.

One PDF/RF will make assessment of food, policy and its implications on poverty and nutritional security in South Asia. South Asia is the home of the largest number of poor and hungry people in the world. Research needs to be focused on the linkages between performance in agriculture and its impact on poverty. The initial focal countries would be India, Nepal and Bangladesh but will expand to other countries of south Asia. The researcher needs to develop a comprehensive conceptual framework, bring clarity in the methods to empirically map the linkages between agriculture, poverty and nutrition. [More information]

Another PDF/RF will work on the issues related to agribusiness in emerging modern value chains, especially those in fruits and vegetables, animal products, poultry, fishery and other high-value agricultural sectors. The PDF/RF will be responsible for developing projects related to the study of changing food systems in Asia, with focus on South and south-east Asia. The PDF/RF will study the implications of such fast changing food systems on small farmers and women, and other poor households, and designing policies that can help them to exploit these emerging opportunities. The work will involve developing a clear conceptual framework for understanding possible channels of impact, organizing field research in the region (including farm surveys and interviews with various participants in the food marketing channel), data analysis, preparation of research reports and dissemination of the results of policy makers and other stakeholders in the region. [More information]

Deadline: open

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