Thursday, March 01, 2012


EVENT: Global Conference on Women in Agriculture

The conference will take place from 13 to 15 March, 2012, at the National Agricultural Science Centre (NASC) Complex in New Delhi, India.


Women farmers represent more than a quarter of the world’s population. Women comprise, on an average, 43 per cent of the agricultural work force in developing countries, ranging from 20 per cent in Latin America to 50 per cent in Eastern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Yet women have less access than men to agriculture related assets, inputs and services.  Had they enjoyed the same access to productive resources as men, women could boost yield by 20-30 per cent; raising the overall agricultural output in developing countries by two and a half to four per cent. This gain in production could lessen the number of hungry people in the world by 12-17 per cent, besides increasing women’s income.

The goal of the Global Conference on Women in Agriculture is to empower women for inclusive growth in agriculture.


Conference Themes

  1. Assessing Women's Empowerment in Agriculture
  2. Agricultural Innovations for Reducing Drudgery
  3. Linking Women to Markets
  4. Role of Women in Household Food and Nutritional Security
  5. Access to Assets, Resources and Knowledge: Policies and Services
  6. Impact and Responses to Climate Change Related Risks and Uncertainties

In addition, there will be Working Group discussions to have a Framework for Action on Engendering Agricultural Research, Education and Extension.

Expected Outcomes

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