Monday, April 02, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: ICIMOD Environmental Economist

ICIMOD is currently looking for an experienced Environmental Economist with a good understanding of economic concepts related to ecosystem services, valuations methods, green economy, and institutions and policies. While the incumbent will be housed within the Economic Analysis Division to perform core work of economic assessments and concept development, s/he shall also provide socio-economic expertise and perspectives to projects of other interdisciplinary Action Areas and Strategic Programmes at ICIMOD.

Responsibilities and tasks:

  1. Analyse mountain ecosystem related issues, options, policies, institutions, and laws to enhance understanding and promote actions for more economically productive, socially acceptable, and environmentally sustainable management of natural resources in the mountains.
  2. Examine recent developments concerning mountain ecosystem services and economic methods, tools, and applications for their valuation, and customize these for valuation of ecosystem services in the HKH context. 
  3. Develop appropriate methodology for economic valuation of provisioning, regulating, supporting, and cultural services of Himalayan ecosystem services. 
  4. Guide and support ICIMOD’s different Action Areas to conduct studies of economic valuation of Himalayan ecosystem services.
  5. Analyse the economic, social, and environmental causes and consequences of black carbon and explore alternative options to mitigate the impact of black carbon.
  6. Analyse the economic, social, and environmental impacts and costs of risks, hazards, and economic consequences of loss of mountain ecosystem services (increased floods, biodiversity loss, etc.). 
  7. Analyse economic aspects of cross-cutting issues such as water, biodiversity, climate change, watersheds, livelihoods, and sustainable development.
  8. Prepare and disseminate reports to feed into policy processes and decisions.
  9. Examine national and international policies and strategies on mountain ecosystem management, exploring options for green growth and poverty reduction, including mitigation of black carbon. 
  10. Organize and/or contribute to relevant workshops, seminars, and training courses to facilitate trans-border learning, knowledge sharing, and good practices of mainstreaming ecosystem and environment issues in policy decisions. 
  11. Work as a team player within the Economic Analysis Division and ICIMOD to support other relevant activities and promote institutional goals.

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Deadline: April 25, 2012

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