Monday, April 23, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral/MPP/MBA Research Position at the Agricultural Sustainability Institute

ASI seeks one researcher to join our sustainable sourcing project team, which currently includes 2 postdocs, an MBA, and several informatics and topical experts. This researcher, in collaboration with our broader research team and stakeholder representatives, will design and lead stakeholder engagement activities for targeting and prioritizing potential economic, social, and environmental impacts related to agricultural production and commodity sourcing choices and evaluate specific indicators that may be used as proxies to represent target economic, social, and environmental issues and key strategies to address these issues. From this work, indicators will be selected to build decision‐making tradeoff frameworks/platforms to enable and promote the inclusion of agricultural sustainability issues in agricultural commodity sourcing decisions and also analyze strategies to counter negative effects. The researcher is also expected to collaborate on writing peer‐reviewed publications.

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Deadline: open

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