Tuesday, May 29, 2012


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: CGIAR Research Programme on Wheat 2012 Competitive Grants Initiative

Climate-­change-­induced temperature increases are likely to reduce wheat production in developing countries by 20–30%. As a result, prices will more than double in real terms, eroding the purchasing power of poor consumers and creating conditions for widespread social unrest. This scenario is worsened by stagnating yields, soil degradation, increasing irrigation and fertilizer costs, and virulent new disease and pest strains.

WHEAT represents the revised long-term strategy for the CGIAR centers engaged in wheat research. By pursuing 10 "Strategic Initiatives", WHEAT aims to be the catalyst and apex of an emergent, highly-distributed, virtual global wheat innovation network:

  1. Technology targeting for greatest impact.
  2. Sustainable wheat-based systems.
  3. Nutrient- and water-use efficiency.
  4. Productive wheat varieties.
  5. Durable resistance and management of diseases and insect pests.
  6. Enhanced heat and drought tolerance.
  7. Breaking the yield barrier (Wheat Yield Consortium)
  8. More and better seed.
  9. Seeds of Discovery.
  10. Strengthening capacities

CAPRi members may be especially interested in the following activity listed in the call:

More information.

Deadline: June 8, 2012

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