Wednesday, May 30, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: IIED Senior Researcher, Forest Team

The rationale for this post is that food, energy and climate crises hit the poor hardest. Growing demands for food, energy and construction materials also puts added pressure on forests. It is therefore essential to research and spread models of locally controlled tree-based enterprise that deliver more integrated and intensified production of food, energy and construction materials in ways that are climate-smart.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Help develop and steer a programme of policy research on tree-based enterprise to meet growing demands for food, fodder, fuel and fibre within sustainable and equitable landscapes.
  2. Contribute more broadly to the identification and development of new research themes that contribute towards the Forest Team’s objective of locally controlled forestry: securing livelihoods, justice and sustainability in flourishing forest-linked communities that are able to shape key policies and institutions and adapt to change. This may involve working in partnership with other teams in the Natural Resources Group, and other teams within the Climate Change Group, Sustainable Markets Group and Human Settlements Group as appropriate.
  3. Direct and contribute to broader publication processes through which research findings are converted into a variety of communication outputs - including peer-reviewed journal articles, IIED synthesis reports, workshop reports, newsletters, policy briefing notes, web articles, radio or film transcripts etc.
  4. Contribute to the preparation of other Forest Team concept notes, funding proposals and grant applications under the overall coordination of the Forest Team leader so as to raise on average more than a senior researcher salary annually.
  5. Organise, or assist in organising, and participate in seminars and workshops on issues of policy and practice, project development, dissemination of research findings and capacity strengthening.
  6. Liaise with government, academia/research institutions, private agencies and NGOs on forest and land use issues, and help the Forest Team develop appropriate responses. This will include responding to enquiries from the media and general public.
  7. Contribute to the preparation and management of annual work plans and budgets and report to donors in connection with all of the above.

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Deadline: June 8, 2012

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