Tuesday, May 08, 2012


ONLINE RESOURCE: EASYPol, FAO’s Repository of Resources for Policymaking

Among other activities FAO’s Policy Support Unit develops, publishes and hosts freely downloadable resources to assist policy makers and analysts in the assessment and implementation of development policies. EASYPol is their online repository of resources for policymaking.

What's on EASYPol?
Policy findings, methodological guidelines and capacity development are presented through issue papers, analytical tools (software), case studies, and other conceptual and technical materials. [See latest issues]

About our analytical tools
Our software packages assist policy makers and analysts in the effective analysis of policy impacts and implication and in data management. All tools are tested and currently used in various countries, and can be adapted to a specific country's needs. [See all analytical tools]

Who develops EASYPol resources?
FAO technical experts develop resources, often in collaboration with universities and other institutions involved in policy making. Before publication, resources undergo a peer-review to ensure satisfactory content quality standards.

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