Monday, June 04, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: Bard College Research Scholar – Gender Equality and the Economy Program

The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College invites applications for a Research Scholar in the Gender Equality and the Economy (GEE) program. The program’s goal is to stimulate analytical thinking and empirical research so as to inform key economic concepts, models, and indicators from a gender perspective. Particular emphasis is placed on new knowledge that improves our understanding of the persistence and reconstitution of economic inequalities and poverty—especially in its gendered forms—and on policy recommendations that are instrumental in eradicating them in developing and developed countries. Bringing into focus the nexus of paid and unpaid work, the program promotes the rethinking of economic objectives and the reevaluation of outcomes from the standpoint of improving the standard of living and reducing entrenched gender inequalities. GEE research is concentrated in two principal areas: the gender dimensions of macroeconomic issues and economic policy; and gender equality, poverty, and well-being in national and international perspective.

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Deadline: open

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