Monday, July 16, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: ICIMOD Theme Leader, Water

Water is one of International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development’s (ICIMOD) four strategic Thematic Areas. ICIMOD fosters regional and transboundary dialogue to promote integrated water and land management and acts as a resource centre for information on water resources. The centre analyses the demand and future availability of water coming out of the mountains; water related hazards including floods and droughts; the potential impacts of climate and anthropogenic change; development of hydropower, and the role of hill and mountain irrigation in providing food security. The Thematic Area focuses on solutions at a variety of scales, from community to national policy level. It also addresses transboundary issues, especially within the water-food-energy nexus, including benefit sharing and building community resilience.

The Theme Leader will be an expert in his or her field and will be responsible for leading research activities and guiding staff members in the Thematic Area, assuring quality results, integration with other Thematic Areas, and impacts in regional member countries. S/He is expected to be familiar with the international development agenda and research, and to be aware of the strategic issues related to water resources, particularly in the HKH Region. The Theme Leader is also part of the organization’s management team and must ensure the adequate representation of water issues within ICIMOD’s programmes.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  1. Intellectual leadership and innovation: Provide intellectual leadership on identified research priorities for strengthening the Water Thematic Area by identifying relevant sectors, formulating research questions, and leading research teams in specific action research and studies. Encourage and mentor team members to conduct research, document results, and write scientific articles for peer-reviewed journals and other publications. Lead innovation: Propose and manage innovative research on important emerging issues in the field of water. Ensure proper validation and dissemination of research outcomes to other ICIMOD programmes, the scientific community, policy and decision makers, and other stakeholders and partners.
  2. Human resource management: Take leadership and responsibility for managing human resources in the Thematic Area, including team development and capacity building activities, mentoring staff members on thematic issues, and fostering an encouraging, positive, flexible, and professional working environment. Coordinate with the Regional Programme Managers and the ICIMOD Directorate in the allocation of budgets and human resources to the Regional Programmes, as well as in performance management of staff in the Thematic Area. 
  3. Communication, collaboration, and partnership development:Establish and maintain partnerships and constructive dialogue with stakeholders in the region and beyond (government officials, NGOs, research institutions, donors, etc.) for strategic collaboration to contribute to ICIMOD’s work in promoting the mountain perspective and integrated mountain research and development in the HKH Region. Maintain an active dialogue with partners and policy makers, and contribute to bridging the gaps between research, policy, and practice with a strong focus on impacts at multiple levels. Contribute to the capacity building of partners through the organization of workshops, training, and collaborative research.
  4. Fundraising and resource mobilization: Lead and contribute to resource mobilization activities to secure programme implementation, e.g., write concept notes and proposals; develop and maintain dialogue with donors; promote ICIMOD research, development, and capacity building activities; and explore co-funding opportunities with regional member countries.
  5. Advocate transdisciplinary cooperation and teamwork within ICIMOD by proactively coordinating with the Regional Programmes, supporting other Thematic Areas, and encouraging integration of ideas and disciplines within ICIMOD and among partners.

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Deadline: August 19, 2012

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