Tuesday, July 03, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Central African Forests and Institutions

The Central African Forests and Institutions (CAFI) Project is an interdisciplinary, multi-year study of forests and governance in the Congo Basin. The project, located at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, is funded by the Coupled Human/Natural Systems Program at the National Science Foundation and led by Arun Agrawal. The project seeks to understand the relationships between the governance improvement efforts of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), industry, and government in the region and their effects on forest and logging concessions outcomes in Central Africa. The project focuses on two countries, Cameroon and the Republic of Congo and concentrates primarily on the period between 1995 and the present. We combine spatial, social, and ecological data analysis to provide integrative analysis of land-cover change and environmental governance at concession levels in the region.

The Postdoctoral fellow will have a PhD in geography, ecology, or another social science field including economics, and be interested in collaborating with scholars from other disciplines/fields. S/he will be responsible for working with existing databases to facilitate social, spatial (GIS) analyses, preparing, reviewing, and revising manuscripts from available and new data, and coordinating an international capstone conference for the project. S/he would have excellent access to project archives and datasets, and will be encouraged and supported to engage in independent analysis and publication, as well as field visits. French language and experience in working in tropical forest field sites is a plus. Strong spatial and statistical skills are a necessary skill for this position.

Interested applicants should submit their current CV and a statement of interest together with names of three potential referees to ifri@umich.edu.

Deadline: open

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