Tuesday, July 10, 2012


EMPLOYMENT: Senior Poverty Economist, Office of the Vice President of Indonesia

The Office of the Vice President of Indonesia has a vacancy for a Senior Poverty Economist to lead the Unified Database for Social Protection Programs. See the terms of reference below.


The Government of Indonesia has committed to accelerating poverty reduction over the next five years, from 14.1 percent in 2009 to 8-10 percent by 2014. Presidential Regulation (No. 15/2010) established the National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (Tim Nasional Percepatan Penaggulangan Kemiskinan, TNP2K) to lead the coordination of the national poverty reduction strategy. With Vice-President Boediono as the chair, TNP2K includes all government agencies responsible for the planning, financing and implementation of poverty reduction programs. The TNP2K Secretariat, housed in the Office of the Vice-President, is responsible for (i) drafting policies and programs, (ii) setting targets, (iii) developing a unified database for targeting social programs, (iv) carrying out monitoring and evaluation of those programs, and (v) conducting analyses and providing technical and administrative support for TNP2K.

The Poverty Reduction Support Facility (PRSF) is designed in response to the Vice President’s request for Australia to provide support for TNP2K. The goals and objectives of PRSF are aligned with TNP2K, the Presidential Regulation 15/2010, and are consistent with the overarching goals of sustainable poverty alleviation within the 2008-2013 AusAID Country Strategy under the Australia Indonesia Partnership. AusAID has contracted GRM International as Managing Contractor for the implementation of PRSF.

The Unified Database for Social Protection Programs (UPSPK) at TNP2K includes the poorest 40% of households in Indonesia; it is the largest database of its kind in the world. The primary data source for the unified database is the Pendataan Program Perlindungan Sosial (PPLS), a survey of 25 million households conducted by the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in July 2011. Agencies involved in social protection efforts are encouraged to access and use the unified database as a basis for determining which households are eligible. The development of the system is led by the TNP2K Secretariat, in close partnership with the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics (BPS), government ministries involved in social protection, and the World Bank.

Extensive research and monitoring activities will continue to improve the quality of the Unified Database for Social Protection Programs and to facilitate evidence-based policy decisions related to the Government of Indonesia’s poverty reduction strategy. TNP2K is leading research efforts to ensure improvements in the data collection and poverty estimation (proxy-means testing) strategies used in the future, including during the next round of data collection/updating expected in 2014.

We are seeking a Senior Poverty Economist to lead the Unified Database for Social Protection Programs (UPSPK) research activities. He/she will be responsible for coordinating, supervising and undertaking policy-oriented research aiming to inform the future development of the unified database and provide recommendations to improve its implementation and the effectiveness of its use by social protection programs. The position is a long-term assignment, subject to an initial probationary period. His/her key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Activities to Support the Unified Database for Social Programs
    • Oversee the extraction of beneficiary data from the unified database, based on the needs of national social programs and local governments.
    • Contribute to the development of a complaint system for the unified database and data updating mechanisms.
  2. Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Activities
    • Develop plans to monitor the use of the unified database and evaluate its accuracy and effectiveness, including its use by different social protection programs.
    • Identify the needs of Indonesia’s main social assistance programs and provide technical support to facilitate their use of the database.
    • Support technical improvement and analysis related to issues of poverty/vulnerability measurement.
    • Conduct research relevant to targeting and poverty reduction issues in Indonesia, such as estimating impacts of social programs on poverty reduction and producing models/simulations of impacts of shocks on poverty.
    • Supervise and conduct research to inform and facilitate future updates of the unified database, including poverty measurement and analysis, simulations on proxy-means testing models and analysis of alternative targeting methods.
    • Prepare presentations, briefs and reports to present research results and provide inputs to inform strategic policy-making on issues relevant to poverty reduction.
  3. Other
    • Manage the research, monitoring and evaluation team and coordinate with the project operations/MIS teams, TNP2K working groups and other partners as needed.
    • Provide on-the-job training to new staff and personnel.
    • Other tasks as necessary.


Consultant will report directly to the Project Manager and will consult with the Policy Advisor on research and technical issues. The Consultant will be expected to work full-time during regular business hours based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Occasional field trips to other parts of Indonesia may be required.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Ph.D. in Economics with a focus on development/poverty economics.
  2. Minimum 5-7 years experience relevant to economic development/poverty/social protection and a record of research/published work.
  3. Demonstrated strong analytical and econometric skills and proficient knowledge of STATA. Able to interpret and present economic/statistical information to both technical and nontechnical audiences.
  4. Experience in designing and conducting research, evaluations, surveys and/or pilot projects , relevant to poverty and targeting issues.
  5. Proven record of strong client relations, with ability to work in sensitive situations and challenging policy environments.
  6. Able to provide effective day-to-day management of staff.
  7. Able to prioritize and manage time efficiently. Can handle multiple tasks effectively and meet deadlines.
  8. Excellent communication skills are essential; willingness to acquire basic Indonesian skills is desirable.

Applications can be sent to (adama.bah@tnp2k.go.id) before July 31st 2012. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Deadline: July 31, 2012

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