Wednesday, July 11, 2012


PUBLICATION: Landscapes for People, Food and Nature: The Vision, the Evidence, and Next Steps

Landscapes for People, Food and Nature is a collaborative Initiative to foster cross-sectoral dialogue, learning and action. The partners involved aim to understand and support integrated agricultural landscape approaches to simultaneously meet goals for food production, ecosystem health and human wellbeing. The initiative has released a report on “The Vision, the Evidence, and Next Steps”.

This paper explains the rationale for the ‘whole landscape’ approach, describes its main elements, and summarizes the existing evidence on the prevalence and effectiveness of the approach. The analysis highlights recent movements to scale up these approaches, identifies the barriers to doing so, and concludes that action is needed to:

  • Expand, improve and widely share best practices for implementing such strategies in different contexts—as well as evidence about the benefits and costs of integrated landscape approaches.
  • Vastly expand the network of technical assistance, professional training and education needed to support the efforts of local ‘landscape leaders’ and policy makers to develop and effectively implement successful landscape initiatives; and
  • Shift the enabling environment of policies, incentives and investment priorities from one that separately pursues distinct sectoral priorities to one that identifies and promotes new sources of synergy in rural landscapes.

In late 2011, our organizations joined forces to launch the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative ( Its aim is to strengthen and scale up multi-stakeholder whole landscape initiatives around the world that are seeking to increase agricultural production, ensure food security, restore and sustain healthy ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and guarantee access of local people to water and other resources needed for health and prosperity. We welcome this paper as a stimulus to widespread dialogue and action.

Download the report (pdf).

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